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Jake Reed started his passion for the outdoors at a very young age, watching his father and grandfather be so passionate about something drove him to take in what they had to teach and growing it. Being an only child, there wasn’t many things to do by himself that was very entertaining, until he found his love of archery. Jake got his first bow when he was 3 years old, he worked his way up through bows and was able to pull back 38 pounds by the age of 7 and he was able to harvest his first deer with archery equipment. He was immediately hooked. He then decided he wanted to pursue not only bowhunting, but shooting on a competition level as well and started entering youth tournaments and leagues by the time he was 11. His dad will always joke that he quit shooting with Jake at a young age because he was so competitive. Through the years Jake has been told by doctors that he should not shoot a bow because of shoulder problems, but he has been able to overcome these challenges and been humbled and honored to be able to do what he enjoys most, which is chase whitetails in the fall, and chase gobblers in the spring. He told us when he was in the process of joining Victory Outdoors that he wasn't in it for free products or the notoriety of being on a show, but for the camaraderie of hunting with a group of guys that are just as passionate about the outdoors as he is. He also stated that because he had people to teach him, support him, and give him advice, he wants to teach people through his hunts. He encourages people to reach out if they would like advice or tips on anything in the outdoors because he knows that not everyone who enjoys the outdoors has that.

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