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Ian Sparks


Ian the youngest of four, gathered insight and woodsmanship in the outdoors from his older brothers and his father Jim. Ian was raised in the historic Iowa town of Winterset, Iowa, were his family’s bakery business taught him a lot about hard work and customer service. During the summers Ian attended annual art classes where discovered his passion for the creative process. When Fall approached Ian was always caught in the whitetail woods. Also having a very successful deer hunting resume himself, Ian has traveled to other states to hunt additional big game animals such as turkey, black bear, and elk. While Ian’s love for the outdoors runs deep, his dedication for photography rules supreme. These lifelong passions led Ian to Sterling College where he graduated with a Bachelor degree in Media Production. Ian was hired directly out of college by hunting industry giant Whitetail Properties as an editor, videographer, and photographer. Ian honed his skills at Whitetail Properties until 2017 when an opportunity arose that not only was a step up for Ian but allowed him to move back to his hometown in Iowa. Ian was hired by LandProz as their Producer/Social Media Director. This move also allowed for Ian to team up with longtime friend Curtis Goettsch and Victory Outdoors. Ian brings a professional skillset to Victory Outdoors’ content production. As the Executive Producer of Victory Outdoors, not only does Ian contribute to the team, he is teaching the team. Ian knows this helps insure Victory Outdoors’ goals for the future.

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